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Abbey are the makers of professional quality bike tools.  Jason Quade is the artisan who started the company and the craftsman behind tools.  You will find these tools in use a bike shops and with race mechanics the world over, including world tour teams.

Tool Range


The Crombie is where it all started for Abbery Bike Tools.  It is the super tool of the range and you’ll find it in many professional mechanics tool boxes.  It is a cassette lock ring removal tool, but with a few important differences.  Firstly in the dual sided version it has both Shimano and Campagnolo profiles.  Secondly and most impressively the tool is machined so that it fits around the skewer lock nut.  Think about it, this is a great time saver. You can change cassettes or check if they are tight enough without removing the skewer!  Above all it is a beautiful tool, it’s welded and machined to perfection and made to last using stainless steel.                                                                                                                                          The Crombie comes in four varieties;

  • Dual sided Crombie
  • Single sided Crombie
  • Super light dual sided Crombie. (uses a hollow tube handle)
  • Team issue(uses a shorter hollow handle and has additional polishing)

dual sided crombie

Single sided Crombie                                                                                                                                                                                                          Dual sided Crombie                                           Single sided Crombie


Whip It (chain whip)

It’s the good old chain whip but with a few refinements.  The Whip it uses a sturdy stainless steel tube for the handle so it won’t bend under normal use.  It has solid rivets holding the chain in place, so no more tearing the chain off the tool. Finally it is designed to travel with the Crombie. You can slide the handle of the Crombie inside the whip it, providing compact tools to travel with.



Here you can see the whip it with the Crombie inserted into the handle of the whip it.  Genius!




H.A.G (Hanger alignment gauge)

A tool made right!  The H.A.G. is extraordinary due to the thought that has gone into designing it.  Once you use this tool you’ll realise it’s been created to rectify the misgivings of the average hanger straightening tools.  IT boosts the following features:

  • Extended derailleur mount thread, this allows for newer model bike frames, where tools with a shorter thread hit the frame limiting your ability to straighten the hanger.
  • Telescopic design, allows for an easily transportable tool, after all your bikes hanger is most commonly bent while travelling with your bike.
  • Serviceable, if your tool develops  unwanted movement through extended use you can service it and bring it back to new.
  • Rotating gauge arm, this allows you to move the gauge arm around those swooping wide stays without having to alter your measurement.

Hanger Alignment Tool


hag reduced




Geiszler Truing Stand Adapter

This is your solution to fitting any wheel with any axle standard into your truing stand.  Whats more this one tool fits all the current axle standards.  The Geiszler will work with Lefty hubs, 15, 20mm front through axles or 12 x 142 and 12 x 150mm rear through axles.  Ideal for building wheels or just for a quick true.








BB Socket, Dual Sided (Dura ace 9000/XTR BB 93 and ultegra 6800/105 5800)

Designed for external type bottom brackets, the beauty of this tool is the near perfect tolerance that it is machined too.  You’ll find that the tool sits amazingly snugly, allowing you to work on the bottom bracket with least likelihood of marring or scratching it.   Made from 7075 aluminium billets, then hard anodized green for a long lasting finish. The most unique feature about this tool is the inner nub, that nub in the center of the tool is the same size as the crank spindle. What this does is give you a second point of contact that keeps the tool from camming off. when trying to remove stubborn cups.

Dual sided BB tool






BB Socket, Single sided

Same precision machining as the dual sided BB socket, same inner nub creating secure attachment.  However the single sided BB socket is for the older external style BB.  this is compatible with campagnolo, FSA, Sram and older shimano. Made using quality 7075 aluminium, finished with a green hard anodizing.

single sided BB socket 2